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The "Trophy" from the Torino Film Festival - A little creepy, but still, a win.

Notice for Gay Film Festival screening in Los Angeles

Flyer for Benefit Screening

Casting Notice and then about a year and a half later... Notice of Film Fest Screening

Todd Stites wondering, "Why did I agree to do this film?"

Terry Curry asking, "You want me to do what?"

Todd Stites wondering when he's going to get paid.

Full-page Ad in Toronto Newspaper

Waiting for the next set-up

Terry and Todd in between takes

Todd and Terry Thinking About All The Other Things They Could Be Doing

Publicity Still, Brian & Bryan

Terry Curry Thinking About All The Girls He's Gonna Meet At The Film Festivals

Todd Stites Intensely Preparing For His Next Scene

Page One of "Together Alone" pka "Isolated Incident"

Letter from Film Critic, Rex Reed

Together Alone Won Best Gay Film AND Best Art House Film in Berlin 1991 - So there!

Screenshot from Movie - My version of La Pietà

They Loved Us In Italy As Well

A Miracle In Toronto! - And Praise for the Cinematography in Chicago

Me & Josephine Baker Were Big In France - Review from Le Monde

Screenshot From Movie - Terry & Todd aka Brian & Bryan

Interview From Some Australian Gay Rag (I miss all the old gay rags!)

Sceenshot from Movie - Terry Curry thinking, "I wonder what's for dinner."

Screenshot from Movie - No Budget for Todd Stites's Wardrobe

Kevin Smith Puts "Together Alone" in His Top Five Must-See Movies...

Reviews: Village Voice, L.A. Reader, DramaLogue

Review Blurbs Used on Back of the Published Text

Interview w/the New York Native - 1992

NY Native Cover - 1992

Cast & Crew

My Favorite Poster Art

Interview with a Vampire-- uh, I mean, The Filmmaker